Turn your equity into your next investment.

Unlock the equity "tied up" in your property to finance your next down payment, at no/low cost.

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A better way to buy your next investment property

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Unlock Your Equity

Cash out without selling or refinancing, and preserve your current interest rate on your home loan. Keep your savings for a rainy day and work your equity harder.

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Zero Interest

Use Downpayments' in-house brokerage services on your next purchase and access a down payment of up to 10% of the purchase price, interest-free, or a full 20% down payment at competitive low rates.

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Grow Smarter

Get more out of your property portfolio and use your equity to power your next purchase. Improve the cash flow on your next purchase by lowering your cost of capital.

How much you can get for your next down payment?

Roughly, my property in Florida is worth $350,000 and has a mortgage balance of $185,000 which gives me $165,000 of equity to tap into.

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Get your rate

Property investment with no money down

See how much you can get

With just a few simple details about your equity and what you’re looking to purchase, you can find out how much you might qualify for, subject to the full picture and what it might cost. No obligations or credit impact.

Complete the picture

Use our technology to get a unified view of your property portfolio, personal finances and investment goals and see how Downpayments can power your next purchase. If you like what you see, proceed to formal application and approval.

Cash out and go shopping

You’ll be given a range of options, allowing you to cash out and start seasoning your down payment while you shop for your next investment property. As your registered in-house brokerage, Downpayments will curate your listings, provide on-demand showings, comparable sales and guide you to the closing table.

Freeing you from the waiting game

Take the smarter path to your next investment.


We’re here to help and make life easier for you.

protect your rate

Avoid cash out refinancing and keep your mortgage rate untouched.

Keep it simple

Maintain full ownership and control of your investments.


Pay off in four years or less, no early repayment fees.

Flexible options

Choose a full down payment and buy with no money down, or boost your existing down payment and purchasing power.


Preserve your hard earned savings.

More than interest-free capital

Get all the benefits of our buyer agent service with industry insights to power your investment journey.

Curated listings to match your preferences
Comparable sales and market analyses
Showings on demand
Guiding you to the closing table

See your Downpayments options

For example, if you have $300,000 in existing equity and are looking to buy a $500,000 property with a 20% down payment.
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Traditional way


Without Downpayments

+ $100,000

of your savings


Save: takes time

Cash-out refinance: lose your rate

HELOC: includes eligibility check + interest  

You'll need a 3rd party loan for:

$400,000 (80% LTV)

Traditional way



+ $100,000

of your savings


Save: takes time

Cash-out refinance: lose your rate

HELOC: includes eligibility check + interest  

You'll need a 3rd party loan for:

$400,000 (80% LTV)


Is everything interest-free?

Generally, a 10% Downpayments boost is interest-free and a full 20% down payment is available at 8% per annum. Your rates might change depending on your circumstances so get in touch to see how Downpayments might work for you.

Can you help me shop for properties?

Absolutely, our buyer agent service can help you get the best deal possible. You receive our top picks from the listing service in your area, as well as comparable sales and analysis to help guide you through the process. We show you the property, help you craft a compelling offer, and hand you the down payment to power your journey to financial independence.

Are you the same as other down payment assistance programs that I’ve heard of?

We’re yet to hear of anyone else powering Americans toward financial independence with interest-free down payments of up to $200,000. While the government provides some down payment assistance programs, these are generally available for a limited portion of the population with strict qualifications.

How do I pay back Downpayments?

Paying back Downpayments is easy. You’ve got 48 months to pay off the loan, with payments made monthly. And if you’d like to pay that off sooner, go right ahead - no restrictions and no early repayment penalties.

What minimum credit score do you require?

Everyone’s credit history is unique, so we run a soft inquiry and use our own risk algorithm for credit decisioning rather than relying on a specific credit score. If you think you can be approved for a credit card and have a healthy repayment history – and you feel we’re a good fit for you – we encourage you to apply.

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