What kind of property can I buy?

So long as it is an investment property in Florida, the choice is up to you! We're also taking applications from investors in other states, and from Americans buying their dream home, however the funding for these applicants won’t be available until later in 2024.

My bank told me that funds from third parties need to ‘season’ before I can get approved for a mortgage. What does that mean?

Once your down payment funds have been transferred to your account, you’ll need to keep the funds in your account for a specific amount of time. This amount of time is called ‘seasoning’ and the timing requirement is usually 60 days, or two to three months. By ‘seasoning’ the funds, you prove to your bank that you are legally the owner of those funds and that they haven’t been obtained via any fraudulent means.

We recommend starting your down payment application with us as soon as possible to start the seasoning countdown.

How much can I borrow?

Approved investors can initially borrow between $10,000 - $200,000 per property purchase. If you have a higher budget in mind, let’s talk.

What do you take as collateral for the loan?

Down payment loans are secured by a second mortgage on your existing property or properties and a personal guarantee. We discuss and agree on the details of this with you when finalizing your application.

What minimum credit score do you require?

Everyone’s credit history is unique, so we run a soft inquiry and use our own risk algorithm for credit decisioning rather than relying on a specific credit score. 

If you think you can be approved for a credit card and have a healthy repayment history – and you feel we’re a good fit for you – we encourage you to apply.

How fast can I be funded?

Once you’re approved and the documentation is signed, funds can be released to your nominated account within 24 hours. 

This means you can allow the money to season in your account while you find the perfect investment property.


What are the benefits of funding part or all of my down payment with Downpayments?

By using Downpayments you are leveraging existing equity, allowing you to access capital interest-free, or at very competitive rates.

Depending on your circumstances this may mean different things; it might mean preserving your savings, or avoiding having to go through a cash-out refinance in order to access the capital, which often means breaking a low fixed interest rate. It might also mean you can buy your next investment property sooner, or without an equity partner, so you can control your own destiny and have the freedom to grow your property portfolio on your own terms.

How do I pay back Downpayments?

Paying back Downpayments is easy. You’ve got 48 months to pay off the loan, with payments made monthly. And if you’d like to pay that off sooner, go right ahead - no restrictions, no early repayment penalties.

Where can I borrow money for the rest of my investment purchase?

We can set you up with a preferred mortgage broker in your area for the most competitive rates for the remaining 80-90% of the purchase price.

Can you help me shop for properties?

Absolutely, our buyer agent service can help you get the best deal possible. You receive our top picks from the listing service in your area, as well as comparable sales and analysis to help guide you through the process.

We show you the property, help you craft a compelling offer, and hand you the down payment to power your journey to financial independence.

Is everything interest-free?

Generally, a 10% Downpayments boost is interest free and a full 20% down payment is available at 7% per annum. Your rates might change depending on your circumstances so get in touch to see how Downpayments might work for you.


Are you a bank?

No. We don’t take deposits and we’re a financial technology business specifically designed for property investors. We’re also a licensed brokerage in the state of Florida.

Are you the same as other down payment assistance programs that I’ve heard of?

We’re yet to hear of anyone else powering Americans toward financial independence with interest-free down payments of up to $200,000!  

While the federal government provides some down payment assistance programs, these are generally available for a limited portion of the population who meet specific criteria.

Still have questions? Contact us to chat through them